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Welcome to DIFAL specialist for natural barley malt extract and sorghum.

By browsing our site, you will find our complete range of natural products:

barley based:

DIAMALT, CRISTOMALT, MALTORIS  used in the manufacturing of bakery products like biscuits, pastries, brewery, distillery and flavors, as well as in pharmaceuticals, infant and dietetics.

sorghum based:

DIASORGHO  whose possibilities are similar to malt extract but has the advantage, for allergy sufferers, to be a gluten-free cereal.


Finally, DIFAL also offers products for pizza and bread.

Barley and Malt Extract


Barley is a cereal that has been known for ages.

It is grown in a lot of countries as its high food value allows various uses.

Transformed into malt extract, it is a natural base with a unique, smooth and toasty taste.

To make malt extracts, we use spring and winter crops.

They are well selected and qualified by our quality control team.

Gluten-free products


Sorghum is a gluten-free cereal, which is rich in protein and starch.

It is particularly suitable for the market of gluten-free products (celiac disease).

Sorghum that is used in our syrupy extracts comes from grains only. Its spectral composition in sugar is similar to that of barley malt extract.

Used in food, sorghum is an essential source of energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and is particularly suitable for people intolerant to gluten.

Sorghum can also be used in animal feeding. It is therefore very interesting for monogastric and especially swine species.

Animal nutrition


Malt extracts are recognized in animal nutrition:

  • rapidly fermentable energy source (starch) for use as such in animal feed production, 
  • source of digestible pet hyper-energy,
  • micro-nutrition: interesting levels of vitamins B, in particular B1 or thiamine, niacin or PP, and selenium, 
  • contributors of natural vitamins for organic farming and domestic carnivores,
  • enzyme content: diet digestibility; β-glucanase and phytase specifically for pigs and poultry; Natural enzymes for organic farming,
  • pre-biotic: optimizing a favorable flora and digestive health for all animal species; digestibility and therefore valuation rations for herbivores,
  • improving the quality of ruminants production.