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Liquid malt extract


Pure malt extract, pale yellow syrup, nice malt flavor, guaranteed diastasic power.



Since around 70 years it has been used by bread industry with success:

  • shortens fermentation cycle,
  • increases growth,
  • better output,
  • gives colour and taste,
  • prevents the product from becoming stale.


Main usage

  • Croissants, brioches, dietary bread, pastries
    • DIAMALT D contains diastases and also maltose that helps yeast to develop using rich baking pastes. Particularly dedicated to that kind of food giving a pleasant light sugar taste and a nice color.
  • Toasts/rusks
    • Many toast producers use DIAMALT D to increase fermentation, get a regular toasted action, give brittleness and smoothness and avoid cracking
  • Biscuits
    • To increase the quality of pastries. As well as for toasts, DIAMALT D improves brittleness, smoothness and prevents biscuits from cracking and “cardboard” effect.
  • Bread making
  • Flavourists ou perfumers: natural flavours base
  • Child food
  • High nutritional quality


DIAMALT D Diastasic PDF 117 Ko


DIAMALT Non diastasic PDF 118 Ko



  • 5 kg drum
  • 25 kg drum
  • 300 kg barrel
  • Schutz containers or similar
  • Tanks with regulated temperature system