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Dry malt extract


Cristomalt is a pure dry malt extract, guaranteed high diastasic quality.



  • Shortens fermentation cycle
  • Increases growth
  • Better output
  • Gives colour and taste
  • Prevents the product from becoming stale

Dry state of CRISTOMALT makes it easier to use and due to its high diastasic power, the quantities that are needed are reduced.
Non-diastatic CRISTOMALT presents itself more or less caramelized, EBC 20, EBC 80, EBC 200.


Main usage

  • Dietary bread, rusks, pastries
    • Cristomalt is a superior malt extract with a high concentration of diastases and with a little more maltose than liquid malt extract.
      Therefore it is really dedicated to rich formulas productions that contain much yeast.
  • Biscuits
    • Improves brittleness
    • Avoids cracking and “cardboard” effect
    • Improves softness
  • Chocolate makers, candy store
    • Gives a nice taste
    • Brings maltose
  • Child food
    • High nutritional quality
  • Others
    • Pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, flavour industry


CRISTOMALT D Diastasic PDF 118 Ko


CRISTOMALT Non diastasic PDF 118 Ko



  • Kraft bag lined with PE within 20 and 25 kg