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Barley malt extracts

Our products

The malt extract is obtained after an infusion of malted barley at mild temperature.
During this treatment, the starch is converted to maltose and allows to obtain after filtration a product of honey consistency containing, in addition to maltose, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
This barley malt extract is high quality because it is a pure extract of barley malt.


Our malt extracts are available in syrup or powder :

  • SYRUP, yelow pale liquid, nice malt flavour
  • POWDER has the advantage of being soluble and easier to use :

Both can be produced either :

  • diastasic
    our process keeps the total enzymatic activity which is required by food industry, flavourists, bakeries, biscuit manufacturers, as well as research laboratories and pharmaceutical industry (diastasic power varies from 4500 to over 16000 pollack units),
  • non-diastasic
    dedicated to various food industries (ice cream, chocolate, cereals, child food, dairy, drinks, vinegar…)